EDF Energy

EDF Energy was created in 2003, five years after French Energy Company EDF Group (Électricité de France) bought Seeboard, London Energy and SWEB Energy. They are now one of the big six largest electricity generators and suppliers in the UK. EDF Energy supply energy to around 5.5 million customers, both businesses and households, making it the nation's largest supplier of electricity by volume, producing around one-fifth of the UK's electricity from a variety of sources, including combined heat and power plants and wind farms, as well as the more traditional methods.

EDF offer fixed price electric contracts however, currently not gas to businesses. They do offer something called freedom for business which is designed for when you're not entirely sure what the future holds for your business, or when it's just not the right time to commit to a business energy contract that ties you in. This allows you time to weigh up your options and to decide to the business energy contract that best suits your needs.

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