Hudson Energy

Hudson Energy is a commercial Energy supplier, based in Milton Keynes and launched in 2012. Hudson Energy are part of the Just Energy Group, a leading energy retailer and supplier of green energy in the US. Hudson Energy are one of the largest business to business energy suppliers in North America, where they are a preferred natural gas and power supplier for over 125,000 commercial customers. Making them the third biggest energy supplier in America.

Planning on being just as successful in the UK, Hudson Energy are a supplier on a mission. They want to develop leading energy solutions to customers through continuous innovation and to provide their customers with a superior customer experience.
If considering moving to Hudson Energy it is worth noting that:

  • Contract terms are 1, 2 or 3 years
  • They will allow their customers to exit their contract early, in return for a termination fee
  • They consider each potential customer individually and will always try to find a way to do business with their customers including those with low credit scores or with foreign registrations
  • Hudson Energy are unwilling to offer deals to pubs, clubs, restaurants and takeaways

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