LoCO2 Energy

LoCO2 Energy is an independent, British renewable energy and low-carbon electricity supplier. They were founded in 2009 and believe energy should be green, cheap and delivered with prompt and cheerful customer service. 

Renewable energy for businesses is a positive way to engage with customers will appreciate your business engaging with this aspect of corporate social responsibility. LoCO2 have been active in the renewable energy industry for more than a decade and are a 100% renewable energy supply. They source their renewable electricity from a number of renewable technologies including wind, hydro and solar. LoCO2 electricity will never be sourced from fossil fuel power stations and will never incur a charge relating to CCL.

They believe they found a gap in the market as they believed the only energy options available were either dirt-cheap brown electricity alongside bad customer service or extortionate green energy from an independent supplier. Their aim to provide sensibly priced renewable electricity with a second to none customer service ethic.

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