Green Network Energy

Green Network Energy is part of a vibrant and growing Italian energy company.

Founded in 2003 by two ambitious entrepreneurs, Piero Saulli and Sabrina Corbo, their goal to challenge the Italian energy market and do things differently, better with passion and innovation.

Gathering a group of enthusiastic professionals who shared their vision, the company has grown successfully in Italy, focusing on customers and giving them more choice about how they manage their energy needs.

Green Network Energy now generate energy from renewables, supply thousands of homes and business, offer advice on how to save energy and employ nearly 200 people. Many of the people who were with them, at the start are still part of the company today. Green Network Energy don’t believe in standing still, they want to improve every day, so they’ve decided to set a challenge to bring a little Italian flavour to the GB energy market.

The challenge might be a bit different but the aim is the same, to offer customers more choice and better service using their passion, enthusiasm, and experience.


Key Facts:

Fixed Energy Prices

Paperless billing

English/Italian bilingual customer contact centre