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We need some details from you and then we can provide you with a huge range of tariffs from over 30 energy suppliers. You can then complete the switch online - without having to speak to anyone. It’s that simple!

Get a Quote for your Business Energy

We can help you compare commercial energy tariffs. In fact, we’ve made it easy. You can get a quote in a couple of minutes through our website

Choosing the Best Energy Deal for your Business

We are impartial, so no supplier or deal will be forced on you. You will be shown your energy quote results in a clear and transparent way. You can then choose the tariff that suits your business.

Enjoy your New Energy Tariff

We will let your new supplier know that you want to switch to them and the tariff you choose. All you need to do is inform your current supplier you will be leaving on your contract end date.

Tips for switching your business energy

You’ll find your contract end date on your initial correspondence from your business energy company.
This will provide you with an opening offer for your next business energy contract. It is important that you don’t leave it too late so that your only option is to accept this offer, as inevitably it will not be a competitive one.

Presently if you don’t act on your renewal letter then you’ll automatically be tied into a new premium priced business energy contract for a period of twelve months, and we can almost guarantee that this will not be the best deal for you.
Don’t run the risk of getting tied into a new business energy contract automatically – make sure you check the notice period and submit your termination notice on time.

After you arrange a switch, send written notice to your current supplier, advising them you will be terminating your current business energy contract on the contracted end date.

You not only need to be careful not to be too late in sending your termination, but you also need to be careful not to send your termination notice too early!
There is absolutely no cooling off period available after signing up to a business energy contract – the only way out of it is moving properly. We can’t stress enough that you should do some homework before signing up to a business energy contract.
If you are offered a good business energy deal with a smaller supplier, then please take it. Don’t agonise about the size of the company or whether you’ve heard of them before. If they are offered on our platform then they can be trusted. The likes of Clear Business and Opus Energy and so on have become key players in the competitive market, shaking up the behaviours and offerings of the more traditional players.

It is very rare, but if your energy supplier was to go out of business – big or small - your supply will continue, and you’ll be looked after by the OFGEM under the Supplier of Last Resort scheme.

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